Marquees / Signs

Using marquees/signs of local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, department stores and banks, as well as churches, government agencies and schools is an extremely helpful way to get your message out to the public in a quick and concise manner. The messages can come from documents you have already created (i.e. PSA, press release, flyer, etc.).

While most businesses and agencies will cooperate during an emergency and will allow you to use their marquees/signs, it is important to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with them.


Many churches and businesses produce bulletins and newsletters for their members and employees. This is a good way to get information to a large group of your population. Work with local churches and businesses to see if they have these available and if you can use them to get important Public Health messages out to the public.

Most churches and businesses will want you to provide them with materials. Using those documents already created is most efficient (i.e. flyer, brochure, PSA, fact sheet, etc.).


Some schools and businesses in rural areas now have phone systems known as autodialers that they use to reach parents, staff and customers by phone. The autodialer works by the school or business recording a message which is then sent by phone to the homes with a phone number registered with that school or business. While this does not reach the entire population within your county, it will reach a large segment.

When developing autodialer messages, use PSAs, press releases, fact sheets, etc. already created for the situation.


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